Ep.2 - How to Personalize Your Marketing - Brand Spin

Ep.2 – How to Personalize Your Marketing

Your business MUST be trying new ways to personalize your marketing and give your leads a custom experience that is catered to them. It’s like adding AI to your business for a fraction of the cost. 🙂 When you capture a lead and are nurturing that prospect to become a customer, you should be getting to know them and then sending relevant content to them at the right time. This is actually really fun to see the data and see how someone is progressing through your funnel. Email marketing is still the single best way to get ROI and grow your business, but it needs to be done right. Too many companies out there treat everyone the same and that doesn’t work. If you have questions and want to know more about how to cater the experience for your particular product or service, grab a free Brainstorm Session with us.

We have been Bryan’s client for 4 plus years… he and his team have been a great ongoing support for us… especially with our “last minute” requests. Bryan goes out of his way to help us with our many promotions throughout the year… and troubleshoot any tech issues… His infinite knowledge of InfusionSoft is great. I highly recommend BrandSpin for your online business needs! Thanks BrandSpin; we love you!

Gina Romanello