Our Guarantee - Brand Spin

Our Guarantee

Digital agencies constantly over promise and under deliver.
They can be your best friend while they are trying to land you as a client, but then you’ll notice the change.
Deadlines are missed, communication slows, results decrease.
We know this because we’ve talked in depth to clients and we also used to consult other agencies
on how to do things the right way (yes, seriously).

Most companies out there are simply in it for the money and your project is often handed off to an entry level person
who does not have the leadership or experience to deliver for your business.

This Needed to Stop!

BrandSpin recognized a trend in the digital marketing space and realized what it was missing. Accountabilty.
Your business holds themselves accountable, and when things don’t go right, you have to make it right.
We couldn’t agree more and we feel the same! So we created the industry’s first Guarantee!

If a client engages with us and we scope a project, they will have full visibility into how those hours will be
broken down by Tasks.

If a specific task within that scope doesn’t get completed by the deadline we agree to
(factors inside our control of course), then you get those hours back on another project, or we will gladly refund them.
It’s that simple.

No more fake promises. No more frustration on missed deadlines.