Our Process - Brand Spin

Let’s Do This!

BrandSpin is a highly oiled machine that always operates on all cylinders.
Our process is proven and honed using years of experience for hundreds of clients.

Here are the Basics:

Step 1

Once you decide to engage with us, we will custom create your scope or package. Nothing cookie-cutter here. We design and budget based on your needs and no company is too small! An NDA and Scope of Work is created and signed so both parties have clear direction and vision. Multiple meetings are held during this time to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Step 2

You’re assigned a Project Manager and Pod within BrandSpin and we add you to our project management platform. This is where we will share everything from updates, to files, to questions, and more and keep us all organized. You’ll be able to see progress and updates on your projects so you’re NEVER left in the dark.

Step 3

BrandSpin begins our deep dive and discovery phase where we get to know your business, your competitors, your customers, and begin to game plan what we need to do in order for your business to grow to new heights you never imagined! We look at your customer facing processes as well as your internal procedures and work with you to fine tune it all during our engagement.

Step 4

Work begins and we turn our ideas and plan into reality working closely with you throughout. Our communication and response time is second to none in the industry and our results always beat the competition! Trust us, we’ll go against any other company you’re thinking about working with and we’ll out perform them.

Step 5

You sit back and relax, knowing you have a team that is truly invested in your happiness and success as well as helping you put the BEST product or service in front of your customer base. We know this game well and you’ll get our best, every time. Guaranteed!

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